The port of Pescara is located within the main coastal city of Abruzzo. It is an infrastructure with the characteristics of a canal port, easily accessible from the A25 and A14 motorways thanks to a dedicated road connection.

The port of Pescara is currently the subject of a complex and articulated investment plan, in coordination between the Abruzzo Region, the Municipality of Pescara and the Central Adriatic Port Authority, to solve the longstanding problem of the water basin cover-up between the “Riva quay” and the “Levante quay”.   The project involves the change of course of the Pescara river’s mouth and the realisation of new docks to ensure better accessibility for maritime traffic.

Along the Pescara river’s mouth, there are docks for fishing vessels, while leisure boats have a dedicated dock, Marina Pescara, a reference point for yachting in the Adriatic Sea.