Port of Ancona

The Port of Ancona is located in the middle of the Italian Adriatic coast. The port areas are 1.4 million sqm, articulated in passenger and ferry terminals, container and general cargo facilities.
The port has a key function in the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region  as terminal of the international ferry routes to Greece, Croatia and Albania. Relevant investments are ongoing to improve the
container terminal by deepening the port basin to -14 meters and extending the existing 333 meters quay to 600 meters.
In particular, the route Ancona-Igoumenitsa-Patras has become in the years the main route between Greece and Central Europe. Ancona is the first port for the RO/PAX traffic between Greece and Central and Western Europe.

Port of Falconara

The port of Falconara moves more than 5 million tons of liquid bulks, mainly crude oil and refined petroleum products.

The port has three means of moorings: the wharf (length: 1385 meters; draughts: between 5 and 8 meters); the artificial isle (for the unloading of crude oil at high viscosity beyond the loading and unloading of finished and refined oils); the docking platform (16 kilometers from the coast, 30 meters of draft).