Every urban center has a place able to sum up the past because it's a space capable of rapresenting the identity of a city.
The millennial story of Ancona has always insisted on the port area.
And the today's reorganization of the oldest area of the port gives the opportunity to reclaim the places where the history of Ancona started.
The kind of red tattoo drawn on the road surface provides an indication for a perfect journey: the visitor is invited to follow a route marked by the most significant stages of history but also by those who have spent resources, intelligence, for the life of the port. 
What remains of the ancient walls indicates the dual function of the fence: on the one hand contains and protects and on the other - through the doors - opens to departures and welcoming. The sea around the docks is also capable of evoking the world of effort, sacrifice, work and commitment and this is the place where the whole community can find the signs of a shared belonging.

The Central Adriatic Ports Authority in 7 months has reorganized the area to give it back to the public:

  • demolition of old buoldings and facilities;
  • demolition and removal of the cranes no longer operating;
  • removal of barriers that separated the sea from the monuments;
  • restoration of the ancient city walls, with recovering of the walkway at the top before inaccessible to the community;
  • securing of the area for the presence of disused rails;
  • installation of street furniture (benches , baskets bins, bollards and chains bounding eyelashes dock);
  • tracking of road signs on the ground, with identification of a protected walkway;
  • tracking at the more suggestive points of observation some urban tattoos to evoke the historical memory of the place in relation to the functions it had in the past.